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Investor Relations Division

Investor Relations

Investor Relations Division

The relation between the stockholders and the firm is maintained by Investmant Relations Division at Accounting and Finance Department.

Investmant Relations Division Director's contact information;

Zeynep Ece ARABUL

VP of the Board of Directors / Auditing Adress: Balıkhisar Mah. Köy İçi Kümeevleri No:574 06750 Akyurt / Ankara TURKEY

Licenses :

Capital Market Activities Advance Level License (Date:21.03.2020 Document No:204608)

Corporate Governance Rating Specialist License (Date:19.02.2020 Document No:700487)

Investmant Relations Division Expert's contact informationSeide ÖZKAY

Accounting Chief

Address: Balıkhisar Mah. Köy İçi Kümeevleri No:574 06750 Akyurt / Ankara TURKEY

EMEK Elektrik Endüstrisi A.Ş.

Investor Relations Division Balıkhisar Mah.Köy İçi Kümeevleri

No: 574 06750 AKYURT / Ankara TURKEY Phone: + 90 312 398 01 81 Fax: + 90 312 398 04 74 E-mail : yatirimci@emek.com.tr

Tha main of activities of the Division are:

To manage the processes of General Assembly, Dividend operations, capital increase processes

To follow up and secure the updated correspondence documents between stockholders and the management,

To answer the written and verbal information requests of the stockholders, To prepare the informational documents of General Assembly for the investors, to get necessary precautions for General Assembly being held according to laws, regulations, Company Main Contract and other procedures,

To oversee that all the responsibilities and obligations at the Capital Market Laws and Regulations are being fullfilled by the Company, including Corporate Governance and Public Disclosure

Balıkhisar Mahallesi, Köyiçi Kümeevleri No: 574, Akyurt, 06750 Ankara - Türkiye
(+90) -312 -398 -0181
(+90) -312 -398 -0474
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