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Alaeddin Tileylioglu
  • Family name: TILEYLIOGLU
  • First names: ALAEDDIN
  • Date of birth: 02/04/1942
  • Nationality: TURKISH
  • Languages: Turkish, English, Arabic


1973-1974 Researcher-Scottish Planning Department, New Towns Planning


1978-1980 Aegean University-Assistant Professor

1980-2009 Middle East Technical University, Department of Management

2009-Present Cankaya University, Department of Management

1984-1987 Yarmouk University, Jordan, visiting professor

1997 Texas Tech University, School of Management, visiting professor

Administrative (academic):

1993-2002 Chairman, METU Department of Management

2005-2009 Director, METU Entrepreneurship Center

2007-2009 Member, Board of Directors, Center for Europeans Studies METU

1991-1994 Member (one of the founders) Board of Directors, Center for Continuous Education, METU

2005-2009 Director, Executive MBA program, METU, Department of Management

2009- Dean, Faculty of Economics and Management Studies, Cankaya University, Ankara

2009-2012 Vice-Rector, Cankaya University, Ankara

Administrative (other):

2000-2003 Chairman, Board of Directors, Ankara Insurance Company, İstanbul

Other Professional Activities:

Took part as researcher and/or coordinator in several World Bank, EU and UNDP supported projects related to Turkish labor market and employment creation; Life Long Learning; Women Entrepreneurship Studies; Re-organizing and capacity building in SME's; re-organization of State Owned Enterprises and several Cooperative Unions. Also worked as Project consultant in an EU project titled: "Strengthening the Vocational Education and Training System in Turkey". Participated in the Construction of Lifelong Learning Model and in model building for the vocational Education and Training to be implemented in various regions in Turkey. Also worked as consultant in a EU projects titled, "Technical Assistance for Provision of Entrepreneurship and Management Training'' and ''Supporting Women Entrepreneurship through Training Centers and Relays".


1962-1966 Economics, Istanbul University

1967-1968 Diploma, Institute of Business Administration, Istanbul Universiity

1970-1972 M.Sc. Econometrics, Lancaster University, England

1972-1976 Ph.D. Economics, Lancaster University

Published many articles and participated in many edited books. Publication list on demand.

Balıkhisar Mahallesi, Köyiçi Kümeevleri No: 574, Akyurt, 06750 Ankara - Türkiye
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