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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy

Our Social Responsibility Policy aims at realization of "sustainable and developable" social responsibility applications for stakeholders of our company and directed by both domestic and universal responsibility of our company starting from regions where our production plants are located.

Firstly, our Company’s social responsibility is considered as accountability of entities and duties and responsibilities for its stakeholders.

Our Company culture, task processes, informing, environmental policies and ethical rules comprise components of such responsibility in a spirally interconnected way.

While getting prepared for future, our Company not only fulfills its legal liabilities but also offers solutions for society and environment and thus aims to make existence of its production plants sustainable.

It gives full support for training not only for innovative design and consultancy reasons but also as full investment in future.

One of essential components of corporate sustainability is to be in contact with both domestic and international training institutions, to execute joint projects with law-makers before international organizations to be leader.

Corporate responsibility requires giving support to customers, suppliers and sector sustainability. It also brings the duty of raising sector and sector’s respect to advanced level.

Contribution to education is future; trust. In line with the processes covering corporate social responsibility concept and applications, compliance with legislations is fundamental requirement.

Within frame of areas falling in social responsibility, in addition to observing all required national and international standards, we act in compliance with criteria and principles specified for all areas falling within corporate social responsibility areas such as projects of investment into human resources and humans, stakeholder culture and company vision, education support activities, environmental sensitivity and environment protection. Our company also aims at applying and developing proactive environment management system within frame of environment policy and activities related thereto as well as sustainable development principle.

Using natural sources in optimum way and considering today and tomorrow in a way allowing meeting needs of future generations and development, each step taken aims at sustainable success.

Within frame of our sustainability policy, we have an integrity based on participation of our stakeholders and satisfaction and expectation of our stakeholders in respect to social, ethic and environment management.

Corporate Sustainability Primary Criteria for Stakeholders’ Satisfaction: Specified as Research and Development, Training based growing and sustainability Economic performance Environmental development, climate change and protection, use of wastes, Occupational health and safety, human rights and Ethical Values.

It is essential for our company to offer to our all stakeholders and public the results obtained by means of management, development and audit of the processes as well as social and environmental performance reporting in line with our social and environmental actions and activities.

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